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Spa has shut down. One sensor has detected 118º Fat heater. Mercedes- Benz SL- Class ( Rerror codes: Lighting / Litronic 4. 1 DB error code table. It is our commitment to provide the best value that has earned Viking Spas an impeccable reputation within the spa industry and gained us affiliations with some of the largest retailers in the World. Feel free to check out our products and experience first hand Viking' s value. Check your local code office for understanding of building, fencing, gates, electrical,. spa, electrical control box and topside panel, thus voiding the warranty. Control Panel Messages. If you have a message code on the control panel of your spa, such as the one shown at right, follow the steps below.

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    i have a spa thats over heating to 104 cant control it sl on control and no heat light on control it has a vs500 to vs 502 oval remote control pad and the light for the heater isnt lighting, could it. All Spa and Hot Tub Error Codes. Gecko, Balboa, Spa- Quip, Signature, Sapphire spa errors. 95% error codes listed here. Strong Spas manufactures Hot Tubs in Luxury, Comfort, and innovative Hardcover models that include our patented Dura- Shield system. Join us to learn more. ICS ( DreamPack) Vita Spa LX100 8 Button Controller & Pack Owners Manual. ICS ( DreamPack) Vita Spa LX100 8 Button Controller & Pack Owners ManualICS ( DreamPack) Vita Spa Graphic Series Owners ManualVita SpaSeries Combo Owners Manual. The Platinum™ Series still is one of our most powerful spa series with standard features like the Adjustable Therapy System™, 2 and 3 pump configurations, 24/ 7 circulation pump, essentially making the 60 jets a 4 pump spa and the 80 jets a 5 pump spa. Bullfrog Spas Owner’ s Manual. Page 4 Bullfrog Spas Owner’ s Manual objects out of the spa. barriers meet both state and local codes. Keep spa cover on spa. This area of the website is designed to assist the Spa Owner with issues which may need direct attention after the Spa. an error code which might.

    The Cover Guy is one of the original online Replacement Hot Tub Cover stores in North America! We’ ve been Providing custom quality Hot tub Covers and Spa Covers at a great price and with great service since. Jay is the retail sales manager at Precision Pool Construction and has been running the store for the past 9 years. He has been in the pool and spa industry for the last 17 years and is CPO certified by the National Swimming Pool Foundation. Find resources for Dream Maker Spas hot tub owners:. find the resources for you — the spa owner — to make spa ownership easy. Enter the code shown:. common bonding grid in the area of the hot tub or spa to these terminals with. Providing 120 Volt Service to the Bullfrog Portable Spa: As per code, supply a. “ SL” will display solid. PROBLEM: Control Panel displays an error message. Diagnostic Messages on the Topside Panel.

    There may be conditions that exist in which the spa control system will be unable to detect these. SLP or SL Message. Looking for information on your specific Bullfrog Spa? You can find the technical owner' s manuals for all Bullfrog Spas makes and models here. The code on Master Spa is normally an easy fix, however, if your Master Spa code is not listed, please call customer care; we do offer limited technical support. Topside Control Error Codes Quick Reference - Balboa. If the SLP or SL Message is ON Solid ( Not Flashing) on the Display, the Spa is Operating in the Sleep. In SL mode, it will only heat the spa to within 20 degrees of the set temperature during filtration cycles. To heat your spa up, I' d first recommend changing to Standard mode as per Sandi' s instructions in the previous post. Big ' ol fat list of spa and hot tub error codes, to help you troubleshoot spa problems at home, and fix your own hot tub. Spa control keypads help us control the functions of our spas and swim spas.

    We give them little notice as we go about our day to day relaxation. until we receive. Spa and hot tub error codes - Sn, Sn1, E1, E2, Prr, Prh. all point to either one or both of the high limit sensor and temp sensor are overheating. Balboa Common Spa Topside Panel Messages. Here are the common spa topside panel messages that you will encounter with your spa panel. The spa topside panel messages include common diagnostic messages, operational messages, and various other messages such as reminders. Garden Spas plug into a standard wall outlet, for an easy plug and play experience. Models Garden Spas combine handcrafted artistry and ergonomic design to create the ultimate spa experience. Need to know how to get a hot tub to exit SL sleep. The heat seems to be failing since I added water to the spa. I get a n error code " SL" which I cannot find in. Spa Serial Number ( labeled SN on the black plate on your spa) You will find the serial number and spa model and color on a black plate, like the example below, affixed to your spa, either to the left or the right of the access door, near the floor. OWNERS MANUAL 5 5 reach your desired temperature. WARNING: Do not run the spa with gate valves closed or run pump with no water circulating in spa.

    This will damage the. My Sundance Certa 780 Series hot tub is showing an error of FL1. have had a persistent FL error ever since! we have turned the spa on and. Your spa will enter Priming Mode ( Pr ) when it is energized. This is not an error code. Mode is changed by pressing. “ Warm” or “ Cool” then “ Light”. SL- Sleep mode- keeps low heat for. Filtration Cycles- how many times the spa filters per 12- hour cycle ( F2. 810 of the National Electrical code,. Your one and only source in the hydro therapy industry for parts, new products, and service. Proxycap Setup Error. restart Windows ProxyCap enables you to redirect your computer’ s network connections through proxy servers. You can tell ProxyCap which.

    Common Spa Side Error Codes. Below are some of the most common spa side error codes and there possible causes. For the complete list of error codes click here. The Spa or Hot Tub Panel Displays: SL This indicates the system is in sleep mode and can be changed by pressing the up temp. button then pressing the mode or light button depending on the system. To Schedule Service Click Here: Contact Us. The underwater light and grab bar lights ( if installed on your spa) are turned on or off by pressing the light. “ SL” will be displayed when the temperature is not current ( between filtration cycles), and will alternate with. Troubleshooting Code. If the SLP or SL Message is Alternating with the Water Temperature on the Display, the Spa is Operating in the Sleep Heating Mode. " Cyclic Redundancy Code" ( CrC) Checksum Error. Are you getting an error code on your Master Spas hot tub?

    Review our list of error codes to find out why! The serial number for your spa is located in the filter area, on the spa system pack, or on the listing plate on the skirting. It will start with " M" followed by a 6- digit number. H2O Company is a full line Wholesale Only Stocking Distributor, servicing the Swimming Pool, Spa and Water Industries. I have a great lakes hot tub and the heater went out. I replaced it and am now getting ther error code sl in the - Answered by a verified Pool and Spa Expert. If the SLP or SL Message is ON Solid ( Not Flashing) on the Display, the Spa is Operating in the Sleep Heating Mode, but there is No current water temperature because the Spa is between Filter Cycles. For the complete list of. FLO, FL, FLC, FL1, PS, Blinking Lights. If the SL Message is ON Solid ( Not Flashing) in the Display window of the panel, the Spa is Operating in the Sleep Heating Mode, but there is No current water temperature because the Spa is between Filter Cycles. · LF Low Flow Heater Dry Error Codes Why is my spa not heating? Thus the LF error code should not appear once the spa is powered back ON.